Ergolife Workshop


ERGOLIFE® workshops uses movement to remove constraints from how peoplecreate, collaborate and work with technology. With a focus on Technology organisations, Call Centres, Healthcare, education, General office and Custom solutions, we rely on ergonomic principles and user-centric designs to build kinetic work environments that help people thrive with 3 engagement goals:

1. Leverage ergonomics and human-centric design principles to build kinetic work environments that help our customers thrive.

2. Leverage movement to eliminate constraints as our customers work, collaborate and engage with technology.

3. Our Promise is to move you— physically, emotionally and intellectually

Research shows that adding movement like standing during the workday has far-reaching benefits for employee health, wellness, productivity and satisfaction. This can have a positive impact on your corporate culture and your healthcare costs.

ERGOLIFE® workplace planning & assessment module covers the following areas:

1. ERGOLIFE® Employee Workplace Redesign: Aimed at creating awareness of the work environment, this module focuses on the individual and his interaction within the organisational settings. It consists of the following sub-modules: Ergonomic Workspace Assessment, Sitting & Stand-up times, Calorie Burns, Desktop Height, Self-Assessment @ Workplace

2. ERGOCARE®: Therapeutic intervention program covering:

3. ERGOLIFE® Recommendations (Individual & Organisation)

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