ERGOCARE®: Therapeutic intervention program covers the following:

a. Preventive exercises for common lifestyle problems like back pain, next pain, repetitive strain injuries. Preventive exercises for common lifestyle problems like back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain injuries. (part of regular workshops).

b. Onsite physiotherapy sessions : Can set up consultation and treatment of symptoms with the aim of catching them (pains) young”, at a pre-decided frequency. So that your employees get that review without having to step out of office, thus saving major productive time.(custom modules).

c. “Return to work with a zeal” programme: Occupational- Therapy sessions aimed at rehabilitation and re-boarding of employees, who had to take a break from employment or were on long medical leave, due to orthopaedic & neurological problems – like post fracture stiffness, post-surgical rehabilitation, spinal injuries, hemiplegia, pregnancy & delivery, etc . Employees are made, emotionally and physically more comfortable, and happy with the resumption of work. Their comfort with their work desk is re-established and necessary changes are made/ suggested, as/if required. (custom modules)


What is an onsite physiotherapy clinic?

1. An area is identified within the office premises and physiotherapy consultation and treatment is made available to the employees in their own office premise.Workplace Physiotherapy advocates only the provision of evidence based approaches to acute injury management. Intervention may involve:

2. Timings and days are chosen and agreed upon, after a discussion with the company.

Why an on-site Physiotherapy clinic?

1. It saves an employee’s productive time from being wasted in commuting and waiting for the treatment at a healthcare facility outside the office premises.
2. The physiotherapist can closely observe the employee’s workstation and work conditions & offer him/her customized solutions for preventive health.

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