ERGOCURE® @CONTACT CENTERS focuses on bringing ergonomic designs to today’s contact-center workforce. Working in a contact center can put a strain on the body and soul, but focusing on the design of the workspace can provide a healthier and happier workspace. Creating a vibrant environment with inviting break rooms, secure storage for personal items, proper lighting, and aesthetically pleasing furnishings can make it a much more pleasant place to work..

Ergonomics play an important role in the design of the contact center, no matter which layout is chosen. It focuses on the physical stresses and injuries to employee’s joints and muscles due to repetitive motion involved with using equipment. The added expense of buying ergonomic equipment can pale in comparison to the cost of lost productivity, workers compensation claims, and absenteeism that results from repetitive motion injuries and general stress. It is also essential to train the employees on how to make the adjustments provided and why they are important. The rationale is simple: the better the agents are treated, the better they’ll treat the customers. By not skimping on design and furnishings, companies can send a clear message to agents about how highly their work is valued.

ERGOCURE® @CONTACT CENTERS DESIGN CONSULTING focuses on engaging CXO’s and key management personnel for improvement in ergonomics to help improve call center employee productivity. We focus in identifying improvement areas across:

This is a combination of community research & using visual tools to understand how users interact with the environment. Our key goal is to create an impact where it matters- it must produce sustainable reductions in occupational illness and employee turnover. It must also directly contribute to operational efficiency and reduce total costs of operations and costs per call.

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